Billing Questions

Performing gastroenterology procedures typically involves the services of various providers. In addition to GANV physician charges, there may be:

  • facility charges from the hospital or surgical center (to cover the costs of high-tech medical equipment, surgical and recovery rooms, nursing staff, etc.)
  • charges from the anesthesiologist
  • charges from the lab for pathology reports

Charges are billed separately by each provider, so you may receive several different bills. If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you regarding our charges and direct you to the appropriate contact for other providers’ charges.

Contact Information for Billing

GANV Physician Billing
Physician and Tactical Healthcare Services, LLC
Phone: (833) 226-5921

Anesthesia Billing
Capitol Anesthesia (Javier Road Procedures) Phone: (866) 792-8609 

Old Dominion Anesthesia (Chantilly Office Procedures) Phone: (877) 822-6205 

Dedicated Anesthesia Services Patient Advocates:

  • Chase Comer: 941-360-1566, Ext. 2078
  • Melanie Barnes: 941-360-1566, Ext. 2081
  • Brooke Bowers: 941-360-1566, Ext. 2050
  • Heekyung Kim: 941-360-1566, Ext. 2089
  • Tyler Smith: 941-360-1566, Ext. 2702

Pathology Billing

  • Physician and Tactical Healthcare Services or Maya 

    (833) 226-5921
  • Labcorp
    (800) 845-6167
  • Palms Pathology
    (813) 649-8026

For pre-authorization, contact Patient Account Services.